Mar 09

On Page Optimization Is Critical For SEO

Optimization Is Critical For SEOUsually, when you hear someone discussing SEO they are searching for ways to improve their rankings in the search engines. Normally the first priority with many individuals including SEO companies is back links. Although back links are very critical for SEO, many people never consider looking in their own back yard. What many people don’t understand is that On Page Optimization Is Critical for SEO and it’s something we can completely control.


How well a web page does with the main search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) is based on 200 plus factors, many that our out of our control. However, there is one area that we can control and adjust to help improve our rankings and its center around on page optimization.


There are several on page factors that we need to consider:

  • High quality, unique, well written useful content
  • Page Heading
  • Sub Headings
  • Keyword optimization
  • Keyword phrase
  • Internal links
  • Images
  • Grammar and spelling to start with


Recently I was asked to look at two different sites to see if there were any suggestions I could offer to improve on page optimization, below are some of the suggestions we made.


 Site 1 review for on page optimization:

The first site I look at was a location specific site that focused around a beach resort. The sites entire theme was geared around a vacation destination called Tybee Island. At first glance the site appeared well laid out; all the pages and posts were centered around Tybee Island Georgia with pages focusing on the information vacationers would be looking for, restaurants, activities, weather, lodging and valuable general information about the island. However, there was one huge change that needed to be addressed, the home page or landing page. Although the content was quality, unique and well written it was far too thin (approximately 400 words), there were no images and the target keyword was under optimized.

The rule of thumb that I always use is to keep the landing page of a site at 1000 + words and all inner pages and posts at 500 + words. The first order of business was to beef up the home page; the page size was tripled and increased to over 1200 words of relevant useful content. This increase in size allowed for the addition of images and the use of the keyword phrase in the alt text of the image. A relevant video for Tybee Island was added, the keyword phrase was used in the sub headings and several relevant links were added to point to the inner pages and posts with specific information about the beach town.

After a few weeks the efforts started to pay off. The site jumped substantially in the rankings, which was indicated by an increase in visitors. In addition, the visitors stayed on site longer, and began visiting the inner pages and posts (that were previously overlooked), bounce rate decreased and on page dwell time increased; the site was on its way up the rankings.


Site 2 review for on page optimization:

The second site I reviewed was completely different than the first. This site focused on product reviews and various unique and different products. Since all the products reviewed were different, it was difficult to provide relevant links between the pages and posts. This site was laid out well and the content provided a unique, useful user experience, however, it was difficult to target a specific keyword phrase due to the variety of products. We decided to select one specific product to use as the focal point for the site. The site remained a product review website but now would focus on creatine, a workout supplement.

The sites new landing page was created, well over 1200 words of quality, useful, fresh content, relevant images and an informational video. A keywords phrase was chosen and used in relevant spots throughout the page including the alt text of images and subheadings. In addition, a couple of posts related to creatine were also written and used to create internal links within the site. Specific categories for the product reviews were created in order to create a bond between the reviews.

Once again we waited a few weeks to give the new pages and posts time to be indexed and checked our results. The changes appeared to have a positive impact; the site initially was ranked at 500 + but had moved up to within the first 50 spots. The site still needs some further work but, a little onsite optimization went a long way.

Remember, your on page optimization is only a piece of the SEO puzzle however; it is a piece you have total control over and it can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings. Making sure your site is internally optimized is a huge step in the right direction.



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