about mattHello, my name is Matt Carey, founder and President of Affordable SEO. I founded Affordable SEO in 2009, and structured it on the basic principle that our organization would be more than simply a vendor for a customers SEO demands. Affordable SEO is a strategic associate that is only concerned about helping companies grow.

Throughout the years since Affordable SEO was established, my organization has expanded enough to help numerous clients around the world. With an business located in Ohio, Affordable SEO strives to create long lasting client relationships all over the country.

Aligning yourself with the proper SEO provider could make or break your organization. Studies have shown that 99% of individuals searching the web don’t go beyond the first page of results. A quick search for your company on Google will give you an idea of how many customers are going to your competitors. Our company philosophy centers around incorporating the many diverse forms of search engine marketing techniques into a powerful strategy that will produce an ROI for you, as well as your organization.  We feel that in order to produce an ROI, you have to get high-quality traffic, that is going to convert into leads and product sales. Anything that doesn’t contribute to this isn’t an efficient use of your advertising dollars.

Affordable SEO has innovative new ways to get a customer’s site integrated into the more popular search engines today. Together with a fantastic team and dedicated customer support, I relentlessly endeavor to go beyond a customer’s anticipations. I feel that all of these factors make my organization and me a solid candidate to achieve a maximum ROI for any customer. I intend to achieve all targeted objectives set by any customer by obtaining more traffic from search engines using Affordable SEO, and my personal internet marketing techniques.

What it all boils down to and what I love most about my job, is that it never seems like work for me, its my passion, and I enjoy what I do. I delight in using mathematics and statistics to help my customers succeed through online marketing, and other online capabilities. I see this as the utmost important factor of what I accomplish, and what my organization, Affordable SEO works to achieve; success inside our business, and for each and every client that decides to engage our services.


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